Updated Course of Python functions, files and dictionaries

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Hey everyone! 

Hope you all are doing good. 

Today here, we are going to announce new Updated Python functions, files and dictionaries. In which you will learn Python programming related all important topics. 

Here, in this particular course they will introduce the dictionary data structure and user-defined functions.

Also you will learn about local and global variables, keyword parameters-passing, optional, named functions and lambda expressions. 

You can also learn Python's sorted functions and how to control the order in which it sorts by passing in another functions as an input. 

Here, Specially for your final project, you will

Read in simulated social media datavfrom a file compute sentiment scores and write out ".CSV" Files. 

This course Will cover 10-16 chapters of the textbook "Fundamentals of Python programming".

The course is designed in a very proper method with so many flexibility and easy to learn all the topics. 

One Important point that you have to note is, this course is perfectly suitable for you if you have done" Python Basics" Already. 

And if you have not done yet, you can checkout this. 

>>In this particular session, both courses are geared towards new comers to Python programming, those who need a refresher on Python basics, or those who may have had some exposure to Python programming. 

But still want a more in-depth exposition and vocabulary for describing and reasoning about programs.

The course is very easy to enroll. It provides 7 days fully free trial. After that you can pay to go ahead otherwise you can quit easily without paying single penny. 

Benefits of taking this course:

The course will provide you a shearable certificate after completion. You can put/share that certificate in your CVs, resumes or anywhere you want. Also this course is 100% online mode education. 

You can start instantly and learn at your own schedule. 

The main benefit is that, they are providing so many flexible deadlines. You can easily reset deadlines in accordance to your timings. 

This course is the part of Python specialization. (2nd part) 

The course is available for all students whether they are beginning or something else. 

It will take approx 31 hours to complete entirely . 

This particular course is available for english language With English, Vietnamese,korean subtitles. 

The course is offered by University of Michigan. 

Now, what are the topics they gonna cover in this course, 

Syllabus discussion:

The syllabus is divided into total 5 weeks. Let's see one by one. 


Files and CSV Output

  • 6 hours to complete
  • 14 videos (Total 88 min), 14 readings, 3 quizzes


Dictionaries and Dictionary Accumulation

  • 6 hours to complete
  • 10 videos (Total 77 min), 9 readings, 4 quizzes


Functions and Tuples

  • 8 hours to complete
  • 16 videos (Total 81 min), 19 readings, 4 quizzes


More Iteration and Advanced Functions

  • 6 hours to complete
  • 7 videos (Total 49 min), 10 readings, 4 quizzes



  • 6 hours to complete
  • 11 videos (Total 59 min), 7 readings, 4 quizzes

More about this course. 

This is amazing learn for beginners. Very wonderful learning resource and very simple way explains everything .

So many Excellent lessons ,check your understanding ,e-book ,practice, and quiz work and lots of thing. 

We would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Python, and especially to those who have completed the first course of this Python specialization.

Throughout entire course, content and the instructions was awesome and the step by step approach of guidance in the project helped me a lot in the fact that we have learned how to approach any problems statements.

So many Good instructors and great production quality. Also supplemental textbook is exceptional and adds far more value to the courses for those who choose to take advantage of it. 

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Also if you want to grab other Python programming related courses, you can checkout this. 

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