New Updated C Programming Fundamental Course

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This course is also a part of coding for everyone (C Specialization)

Benefits of taking this course:

By doing this course, you can earn a certificate upon completion. This course is running on fully online mode. 

It has flexible deadlines. 

So you can reset deadlines in accordance with your schedule. 

You can join this course even if you're beginner in C Language.

It will provide you all basic information related C Programming specialization. This course will take approximately 22Hours to complete. 

Subtitles Available in many Languages Like English, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Persian etc. 

Now, the syllabus, What you will going to learn from this Particular course? 

Go one by one, and read every one point. 

Week 1

5 Hours to complete

There are total 9 videos over there. It includes History, overview, compiling, debugging, running-program and all input/output programs. 

Week 2

It will take 6 hours to complete

Total 12 videos are there. This week you will learn lexical elements and data types. 

This both(Lexical elements and data types) helps you to programming activities of increasing sophistication and an optional discussion of more advanced issues. 

In this week, you will learn about.. 

  • Character sets and tokens
  • Keywords
  • Identifiers
  • Operators
  • Expression and precedence
  • Evaluation
  • Declaration fundamental types and sizeof
  • Also the chat type and the internet type. 

In this week, they will give you into quiz and expressions quiz. 

Week 3

You will learn flow of Control and simple functions

It includes more sophisticated programming activities and also optional discussion of more advanced isses. 

It will take 5 hours to complete. There are total 10 videos over there. 

The things which they are going to cover is, 

  • Conditional statement if and if else
  • Interactive statement while
  • While-cnt-char explained
  • While-code example
  • The for Statment and it's while analog
  • For statement code example
  • Oddball operators-conditional and comma
  • Ternary operator code example
  • Break and countinue and switch statement

Also there are 4 practice exercise included. 

  1. Logic operator quiz
  2. While loop quiz
  3. Switch questions
  4. Cond-comma-ops quiz

Week 4

Advanced functions, recursion, arrays and pointers

It will take only 1 hour to complete. There are total 11 short videos. 


  1. Function definition
  2. Code example
  3. Statement
  4. Prototype
  5. Function prototype-code example
  6. Function variables-with call by value explained
  7. Information about function definition and scope rules
  8. Storage class code example
  9. In recursion part, simple recursion, factorial code and recursion Fibonacci code added

Week 5

Arrays and pointers (Important part of C Programming) 

It will take 5 hours to complete. For this week there are total 11 videos provided. 

In that you will learn things like.. 

  • Pointers and simple arrays
  • Initialize arrays
  • Array grade code example
  • Introduction in Pointers
  • Pointer code examples
  • Call by reference simpulated
  • Array as a parameters
  • Array-bubble-sort cods etc. 

Week 6

Final completion Exam

There's no videos lectures for this last week. But there's are exercise over there. 

You will provide you 1 hour 30min for this exam. 

After completing this 6 weeks you will get completion certificate of C programming specialization. 

About this course:

This Particular course is to gain a foundation in C programming! 

The video lectures, coding examples, and peer reviewing of assignments allows one to learn quick and in real time. Would definitely recommend it.

By this course you will know all the essential knowledge to moe forward. It is a very logical and steady building up procedure. It is an absolutely stunning course. 

Definitely Courser is pretty basic but helped in revisiting all the things studied and definitely an easy to remember all the things somebody might have forgotten about C Language. 

Genuinely,the course is slow-paced, engaging and well-taught. 

If you are a Java guy, the course was easy and relatable to understand and apply also, not forgetting Java at the same time. 

Specifically, Mr. Pohl along with his unbeatable experience in computer programming made it so much easier for me to grasp the basics of C and considering him as a mentor for learning it, along with the language's variants. 

We Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn the basics of programming.

Also specially The professor is great, but the part of the course is its well managed assignments and quizzes. 

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