New Data structures and algorithms In C Programming Course

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This Course will make your expertise more sharper by learning algorithms through programming and advance your software engineering Or data science career.

Any Programmer, who have some basic knowledge regarding C language, can enroll in this course.

We are going to discuss all the important Parts/queries regarding this particular course.You Don't have to get worried about anything. Just read the things one by one. And get your query solved.

So, yeah. The course is offered by University of California SAN DIEGO.
From obvious reasons, it's a paid course. But you can get 7 days free trial without paying. After that if you get familiar with it, you can go ahead otherwise you can quit.

By Taking this course, what will you Gain? 

1) Basic algorithmic techniques such as greedy algorithms, binary search, sorting and dynamic programming to solve programming challenges. 

2) You will learn to apply various data structures such as stack, queue, hashbtable and priority queue. Also binary search tree, graph and string to solve programming challenges. 

3) also,Apply graph and string algorithms to solve real-world challenges: finding shortest paths on huge maps and assembling genomes from millions of pieces.
4) In this course, you can Solve complex programming challenges using advanced techniques: maximum flow, linear programming, approximate algorithms, SAT-solvers, streaming.

Now, Skills you will get from this course..

  • Debugging
  • Data structure
  • Algorithms
  • Priority queue
  • List
  • Stack abstract Data type
  • Graph theory
  • Binary search tree
  • Software testing
  • Computer programming
  • Dynamic programming
  • Hash table

Now, things which you should know must,

From this course, 37%students have started a new career after completing this course. And out of that 25% have got a pay increase or promotion.

Benefits of taking this course:

From this course, You will get shareable certificate after completion of this course. You can put it in your CVs, LinkedIn profile and many more.

The course is 100% online mode. So you can start instantly and learn at your own comfort schedule.

For this course you must have already some basic knowledge about at least one programming language C++, Java, Python, C, C#, Javascript, Haskell, Kotlin, Ruby, Rust, Scala. Basic knowledge of discrete mathematics: proof by induction, proof by contradiction.

It will take approximately 8 months to complete the course.

Now, language. 

The course provides lots of language options. Likewise the course has available in English, Spanish, French, Russian subtitles.

Main Benefit of this course is The Certification. 

It's very helpful certificate which you're going to get.
After completion of this course with all exams and handsome project, they will provide you a certificate of your specialization. 

You can share that certificate with prospective employees and in your professional network also.

Now, let's discuss the Syllabus-and things.

So, there are total 6 parts in this specialization. Let's go through one by one.

Part 1

Algorithmic Toolbox

In this part, they will cover basic algorithmic techniques and ideas for computational problems in practical applications.. 

  1. Sorting and Searching
  2. Divide and Conquer
  3. Greedy Algorithms
  4. Dynamic programming

Also, you will learn how to Sort Data, How it helps for searching, How to break a large problem into pieces and solve them Recursively.

Part 2

In this part, they will teach you about How data structures are implemented in different programming languages and you will practice implementing them in programming assignments.

Part 3

Algorithms on graphs

You will learn what a graph is and what are their properties. To read all the information, tap on enroll button.

Part 4

Algorithms on strings

Part 5

Advanced algorithms and complexity

Part 6

Genome assembly programming challenge

After completing this 6 Parts you will get completion certificate for your Data structures and algorithms In C Programming Course.

By this Development course you will definitely grow your carrier in Coding-Programming language.

We strongly recommended this course for all who are interested with programming.

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