New Android application development course for FREE in 2020

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Mysteryschool. Hope you all are doing well. 

Today we are glad to announce one more new Updated Android application development course.

The course is offered by The Hong Kong University of science and technology. There are already 30k+ students have enrolled themselves. 

Firstly, what about this course? How it helps? 

So, this course will teach you how to develop a Professional Android application for your Android devices. 

Also, how to start from where to start. All this kind of question related query solutions are available over there. 

After completion of this particular course, you will be able to develop your own application by yourself. 

What are the benefits of taking this particular course? 

You will get shareable certificate after completion of this course. You can put it in your CVs, LinkedIn profile and many more. 

The course is 100% online mode. So you can start instantly and learn at your own comfort schedule. 

This course is for beginners only. It will teach you from very basic level to Advance. 

It will take approximately 40 hours to complete entire course. 

There are no language barrier, it mean, the course will provide you many different languages subtitles like.. 

English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and French. 

This course have flexible deadlines. So that you can reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule. 

The most helpful thing is that, the course is designed by one of the well known app inventor named Kenneth WT Lenng

Now, syllabus. 

What are the timings and schedule they have decided? 

So, the course is divided into very short videos and it will take total 12 weeks and 40 hours to compete. 

The timing format is divided into three parts.. 

  • Videos lactures
  • Readings
  • Practice exercise

Here videos are in very short form but the part of redings and Practice exercises are lengthy. 



Introduction of MIT App Inventor

In this week only five short videos are over there. Containing total 10mins to complete. 

1) Introduction

2) Course Introduction

3) Unit 1 intro. Hello world

4) Introduction to app Inventor

5) hello world App

Also it includes 5 readings and 5 Practice exercises. Which will take you most amount of time. 


Application Coding

There are total 3videos, 10 readings and 4 quizzes. The videos will cover part of Unit 2(Code block Features), Android emulator and Create APK. 

WEEK 3 Programming basics and Dialog. 

WEEK 4 More programming basics

WEEK 5 alarm clock application

WEEK 6 Audio and Video

WEEK 7 Drawing Application

WEEK 8 File

WEEK 9 Game

WEEK 10 Device Location

WEEK 11 Web browsing

WEEK 12 Final Exam

There's no videos lectures for this last week. But there's are exercise over there. 

They will provide you specific timing for this exam. 

After completing this 6 weeks you will get completion certificate for your application development course. 

From this Development course you will definitely grow your carrier in Coding-Programming language. We strongly recommended this course for all who are interested with programming. 

This can improve our programming skill and basic Android Apps.

This particular course will help you to learn how android components interacts with each other and how to use them appropriately. 

Also It is the right amount of challenging plus within reach of the learner. The questions are very well-thought-out.

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