Introduction to Programming with MATLAB(New Course 2020)

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. 

Today's blog is especially for c programmers also who are from Engineering background.and that is Introduction to Programming with MATLAB.

So let's discuss each and every point, what you're going to learn, how the enrolling procedure is and all kind of things.

So first of all, the course is the part of Matlab for engineers and Scientists specialization.

In this course ,you will learn computer programming to those with little to no previous experience.

Specially,The design of the language makes it possible to write a powerful program in a few lines.

Here, It is an indispensable skill in today’s job market.

Also they are taking the course will get a MATLAB Online license free of charge for the duration of the course.

What are the Pros and cons of taking this course?

Let's discuss one by one..

So our genuine opinion on this particular course is, there is not any disadvantage to take this course. It will entirely beneficial for you if you are enrolling for it.

It provides Sherable certificate after completion of this course. Which you can share in your CVs, Resumes or anywhere you want.
Also this course is 100% online mode education.
You can start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
The main benefit is that, they are providing so many flexible deadlines. You can easily reset deadlines in accordance to your timings.

The course is available for all students whether they are beginning or something else.
It will take approx 35 Hours to complete entirely . This particular course is available for english Language. With English, Greek subtitles.

Skills you will Develop:

  • Computer Programming
  • Problem Solving
  • Matlab
  • Programming Language

Syllabus which they are going to cover in this specialization is..

Week 1

Course pages

  • 1 hour to complete
  • 1 video (Total 2 min), 3 readings


The MATLAB Environment

  • 3 hours to complete
  • 7 videos (Total 132 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes


Matrices and Operators

  • 3 hours to complete
  • 6 videos (Total 82 min), 1 reading, 4 quizzes



  • 2 hours to complete
  • 7 videos (Total 50 min), 1 reading, 3 quizzes


Programmer's Toolbox

  • 3 hours to complete
  • 5 videos (Total 83 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes



  • 5 hours to complete
  • 7 videos (Total 80 min), 2 readings, 4 quizzes



  • 7 hours to complete
  • 5 videos (Total 133 min), 2 readings, 4 quizzes


Data Types

  • 6 hours to complete
  • 6 videos (Total 194 min), 2 readings, 2 quizzes


File Input/Output

  • 7 hours to complete
  • 4 videos (Total 75 min), 5 readings, 5 quizzes

In this course There is much more to MATLAB than what the course can cover But It will Definitely provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to use it in tackling the practical problems in the real world.

It is a very involving course! Everything is taught by doing it practically. 

Also the main thing,Assignments are really good and make you adept in what you learn the whole week. 

We highly recommend this course if you want, enroll it. Before skipping the blog just take a look for once. Trust us. It will Take you from another level of your destination.

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