Develop An Application by Using C++ Programming (New 2020 Course)

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. 

Today I am gonna share something crazy with you all. And that is application designing by the use of C++ Programming. 

Yes, you can also develop your own application even if you are at a beginning level.
You just have to Start your project.
This course is specially designed for those who are some serious about Programming and all things.
Typically, it's not a course but we can say that it's a project type of learning.

What are the benefits of doing this Project?

After the completion, you will learn about the basics of C++ and OOP Programming. 

Also you will discover how to use pointers and how memory management affects C++.
And you will Explore the Optimal situations to use C++.

This project will run fully desktop mode only. And it will give you perfect experience from very beginning level to the advance.
This project will take only 2 hours to complete. And it is available only in English language subtitles.

In this One Hour project-based course, you will learn..

1) How to implement the basics of C++ and OOP program design
2) discover pointers and memory management in C++
3) Find optimal situations for using C++ in the real world.

At the end of the project, you will create an application that can process basic calculator functions from the user, and stores the previous results.

By With this project we will create a basic first application in C++, and highlight the differences between C++ and other popular programming languages.

This C++ language has been around since the mid 80s, yet despite its age, it is still an essential part of application development today.

This Application development course is the third most popular language for development, and its balance of low level access and high level concepts ensures that it still holds an essential role, especially in large-scale enterprise development. 

Coders looking to re-skill for another job will find this course gives them a great introduction to C++, and more advanced students looking to refresh their memory will also be at home.

Enroll the course, and get a powerful crash course into C++.

Also This course works on the Rhyme platform, which allows you to have a custom Windows VM that ensures you don't have to worry about any of the setup work that normally causes beginners trouble with C++ or any new language.
All of you will be able to code along on their desktop and learn by coding with the instructor.

Coursera currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.

The skills which you can develop by doing this project is...

1) Pointers
2) Program Design
3) C++
4) Computer Programming
5) Computer Science

In this project, they will teach you in a sharply step-by-step method.

How this Guided Project Works?

In this type of learning, specially in programming projects, your workspace is a cloud desktop right in your browser. 

No any Pre-download requirement for it. And In a split screen video, your instructor guides you step by step process.

Because of this are the programming projects, you can not do it on your mobile devices. You must have to do it entirely on desktop or laptop devices.

Also, after completion of this project, they may provide you certification also.

We strongly recommend this course that every programmer should do at least read the reviews of this project.
That may help you to clear all your ideas!
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