Learn Python basics Free in 2020

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Hey everyone! 

If you are CSE Or software engineer, and looking for Python course basics, We must recommend you to enroll this free cost course. 

With knowledge you will also get a course E-certificate which is issued by University of Michigan. 

So what about this course?

What are the benigits of this courses? 

  • It covers 1-9 chapters of "Fundamental of Python Programming".
  •  Especially recommended for beginners in Python. 
  • Got a pay increase or promotion by doing this course. 
  • Got a tangible career from this course
  • Start a new career with six digit salaries after completing course. 
  • You will see program an on-screen turtle to draw pretty pictures. 
  • Only 36 hours course to complete all basics. 
  • Available in three Launguge subtitles, English, Vietnamese, korean. 
  • Providing by university of Michigan. 
  • This course Provides all the necessary things like Weekly Tests, Quizzes and all. 

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We truly recommended this course for beginners because you don't have to invest or pay single penny for enrollment. 

Just Login and enroll the course. After enroll, follow the timings of that videos properly, give the necessary tests. 

Surely it will going to much crazy and helpful.


This course offers excellent external tools for learning. like the Interactive Textbook and that makes it much more fun and relax to learn. 

Also Mr Resnick adds his charisma which you cannot forget.

This course is very good for beginners.

The flow and content of this course  is just amazing.

So many Online practice tools to run our codes online without installing any software makes is even more user friendly. 

This was a well put-together course. All the instruction was clearly divided and explained during video presentation. 

This course is perfectly manual with a IDE environment to experiment was very useful.

Each week's instruction built on previous week, and instructors proactively scanning and responding to questions on online class forums was very beneficial and appreciated. 

 We do recommend taking this course including those without previous programming experience.

Coursera will definitely improve your practical skill in programming due a lot of practices and guidance. 

We assure you that, Python basics will really help you to gain confidence to take over so many programming challenges.

This is the must join course for the people who want to deep dive into the world of Python. I really loving this course very much. 

We assure you that after completion of this course,you will explore more hence opting for other parts of this specialization.

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To Us this course is a great mixture of theory and practice, as after almost every lecture there are related excercises. 

It will really helpful to get familiar with the language and those nuances which can lead to unexpected behavior of the compiled code (such as list mutation due to aliasing). 

Will recommend this course For sure. 

Mystery school truly recommend this course for anyone that is beginning their developer career.

Since Python's usage is increasing year by year because of, 

• Data Science

• Machine Learning 

• Artificial Intelligence.

Very thorough course from very basic to little advanced. Programming tips and tricks are the best part, to improve programming skills.

Also we are very thankful to all instructors of this course everyone who is either new to Python (or programming even) or the ones who want to refresh the knowledge.


Click on the enroll button

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• Join a course

• Complete it with your 100% Focus

• Being a genius

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